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The BigAirBag is a must for all freestyle sports. It allows users,
experienced & novice, to practice their freestyle manoeuvres without fear of injury. It works by providing users with a large pillow of air to cushion and absorb the impact of any Rider/skier or Boarder falling from the air.

The BigAirBag has 2 chambers, the bottom chamber is firm
(maintaining the stability) while the upper chamber is soft
(Providing you with a soft landing).The internal air pumps (not exposed) ensure a constant air pressure.Even if the upper chamber is too soft, the jumper will never hit the ground since the bottom chamber is there to absorb the fall.
Our BigAirBag Boasts a large 10m x 8m Dimensions.

Our BigAirBag is available to rent for your event, Whatever the discipline, skiing, snowboarding or BMX.A great attraction for your event, appealing to all extreme sport fans and freestyle participants . We can set up on almost any site, when booking we always check that the location is suitable.
The BigAirBag crew will arrive in plenty of time to set up and test prior to the start of your event.The BigAirBag team will relieve you of all the hard work, completing risk assessments, ensuring the safe maintenance and supervision
of the jumpers during the event.

To Hire the BigAirBag Please contact us for the best Quotation
tailored around your requirements.
Tickets on place :
Price per person 1 jump 3lv , 5 jums 15lv ,10 jumps 20lv, 20 jumps 35lv

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website: www.RideBansko.com
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